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West Side of Maui

1) Honolua Bay

A marine preserve that offers great snorkeling. Best in summer. Snorkel along the left and right sides of the bay. North of Kapalua. 6/10 of a mile past mile marker 32 on Route 30. Walk down through small dirt road.

3) Kapalua Beach
Easy entry makes this a good place for beginners. Enter in on the right and see a lot of reef fish. Located on Route 30 in Kapalua.

4)Kahekili Beach
The is a very popular spot for snorkeling in calm protected waters. Good beach for families as well. Located on the northern end of Kaanapali across from the Sugar Cane Train Station.

5)Pu’u Keka’a ( Black Rock)
Great snorkeling here in the lava rock in front of the Sheraton Hotel. Right in the Kaanapali Resort area.

6)Hanakao’o Beach Park
This is a good area for beginners with mostly a sandy bottom. Just north of Wahikuli.

7)Wahikuli Park
Also a good place for beginners with sandy bottom and easy access.

Another popular spot with loads of fish (especially further out). Look for mile mile marker 14 on Route 30, and just pull off on the side of the road. Great. Please don't stand on any coral.

9)Coral Gardens
The is a popular spot for snorkeling with a lot of reef fish to be seen. On Route 30, 6/10 of a mile past the Pali Tunnel going north. Pull off to the side of the road and enter from the sandy beach. Watch for bigger waves that sometimes come.

South Side of Maui

10) Kamaole Parks 1, 2 & 3
Good place for those just starting out with facilities, washrooms, and Lifeguards on duty. Just snorkel around the rocky points at the ends of each beaches.

11) Mana Kai Hotel
Nice entry through a sandy beach to the left. Just snorkel along the rocks on the right. Right in front of Mana Kai Hotel on South Kihei Rd.

12) Ulua & Mokapu Beaches
Just enter in from the beach and snorkel around the outcroppings of rock on each end of the beach. Don't snorkel with big waves. Located just past the Renaissance Wailea Hotel.

13) Wailea Beach
Good snorkeling to the left side of this nice beach. Located between the Grand Wailea and Four Seasons Hotel.

14)Makena Landing
Located just past the Makena Surf Condo where you make a right on Old Makena Road. Continue 4/10 of a mile to sign. Go to the left of the bay for some good snorkeling. Enter in at the beach and swim to the right.

15) Molokini Crater
To get to this popular marine preserve, you'll have to charter a boat. Great snorkeling with a lot of fish with the possibility of seeing other sea creatures like eels, manta rays, and dolphins. Excellent.

16) Makena Beach
Although not recommended for snorkeling, this can be a good place to spot turtles eating close to shore.

17) Ahi Hi Bay
Because of the marine preserve status of this area, there is often a great number of fish, and nice coral in this area. Just 2 miles past the Maui Prince Hotel, look for a large number of snorkelers in this area which is a small bay to your right.

18) La Perouse Bay

Another marine preserve area. This area is not recommended for beginners due to the rocky shoreline. Just 2 miles past Ahi Hi Bay, where you will drive through a huge field of lava rock.

East Maui

19) Hana Bay
Take your time along the way to view the beauty of Maui on this trip to Hana. Waterfalls, beautiful vegetation, and jaw-dropping coastline make up this great adventure east. Plan to spend a days worth taking this trip. If you get car sick easily, ask to be in the front seat. ; )

As for snorkeling, do so between the pier and the lighthouse to see a lot of fish and nice coral. Be advised to stay well inshore due to strong currents further out.

Maui Interactive Map

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Maui Island Map

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