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The Elements of Graphic Design

Design elements are the concrete tools that embody the principles of design and make them come alive. These elements are the central part of any design. Like the principles that inspire them, graphic elements follow design rules that help balance and complement the graphic.

full sailLine, Shapes, Mass, Colors

One of the most fundamental graphic design elements is line. Line can help join, arrange, lead the eye and give movement to a graphic. With skilful use lines can improve the readability, form and message of a design.

Shapes, like a heart for example, can convey universal meaning and can help organize a design at the same time.

Mass, another element of design, determines a shapes size and its proportion to other objects on the page.

Graphic designers typically use the element of color to help create the mood they desire. Light colors produce pleasant responses, while darker ones produce quieter effects. Color can be particularly helpful in balancing out a graphic.

The Elements of Texture and Space

Texture provides the graphic with it’s visual surface and feel. This can be completed by lines, shape or even photographic images of specific surfaces. Good texture can give even the plainest graphics a spark of life.

A key graphic design element sometimes overlooked is space. Space has the potential to provide stability as well as elegance. A good design uses space to create a dynamic, uncluttered environment.

To incorporate and balance graphic design elements is the goal of true design work. Achieving this means following design rules and creating a lively, entertaining graphic that effectively delivers its message.


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