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Computer Animation Schools & Programs:

animation career informationFind Computer Animation Schools: We've partnered up with the best schools to bring you an easy way to learn more about their computer animation programs.

Picking the Right Design Schools: What to look for in a design program, and what to ask them to find the right fit.

3D Artist Degrees: We take a look at 3D art related degrees and what to expect.


Computer Animation / 3D Articles:

Animation Career Information: We take a closer look at this exciting career, and what to expect.

Become a 3d Modeler: We take a look at what it takes to make is in 3d modeling and where to go from there.

Animation Studio: We take a look at the animation studio.

The Storyboard Artist: Taking a peek at this vital role.

Character Artists & Animators: A closer look at this exciting career.

Texture Artist / Texture Mapper: A closer look at this exciting career.

Motion Capture Technology: We focus on this cutting edge tech.

Animation History: We give a brief animation timeline showing the history of the industry.

3D Software for Animation: We take a lot at the top 3D animation programs used in the industry.

Tradional Animation Processes: We check out the basics of old school animation.

Top Free 3D Software: What can be better than free? We check out some great free 3D programs you need to check out.

Animation Resources

Jobs at Pixar: We provide listings for jobs at Pixar.

Jobs at DreamWorks: Check out the job listings for this animation studio

Free Stock Photography Downloads: We've put together a well rounded collection of FREE photographic textures for your 3D work.


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Computer Animation Schools


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