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Picking the Right Design School

So maybe you've decided that you want to become a graphic designer, animator, video game designer, multimedia specialist, or something along those lines. But there are so many schools out there. How do you know which program is right for you?

The first thing that you really need to know is that not all schools are created equal. So you need to ask some questions. Some information can be found easily on a website or elsewhere. Other answers might require some initiative on your part. But finding out a bit more is essential in picking the right design school. It is also essential that you don't limit yourself during the picking process by considering only 1 or 2 schools. The more schools you learn about, the better. It gives you a far better picture of what a school offers, can offer, and should offer.

Let's take a look at some questions that you really should be trying to get answers to. These questions generally apply to Online courses as well, but we'll cover that at the end.

General Questions

1) What are the entrance requirements?

2) What does the program cover?

3) What software and equipment do they use? How new is their equipment?

4) What is the average class size?

5) What is the employment rate after graduation?

6) What can I expect to know and be prepared for after I graduate from this program?

7) What ties to the industry does this school have?

8) Is there any guidance after graduation for students looking for work?

The Online Option

There are many that have the skill, desire, and tools to become a player in the graphic design (and related) industry, but they maybe don't have the time or capability of attending classes on campus. Luckily for many, there is now the option of getting your degree Online. Times truly have changed, and for the good. Let's look at a few questions to ask about an Online Program...

1) What are the requirements for enrollment?

2) How long do I have to complete this program?

3) What are the similarities and differences between your Online program vs a traditional program?




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