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Video Game Design Schools & Programs:

Find Video Game Design Schools: We've partnered up with some schools to bring you an easy way to learn more about their game design related programs. Click on a school, and request free information! (Hot!)

Video Game Art Degrees: We break down degrees focused on game art and what to expect.

Video Game Programming Degrees: We check out degrees focused on coding video games.


Video Game Design Career Articles:

Become a Video Game Designer We give an introduction to video game design, and what you can expect if you enter into this industry.

Become a Video Game Script Writer: We look at how to get into this creative writing career and what to expect.

Become a Video Game Programmer: Get coding games in this exciting career that lets the magic of the video game come to life.

Video Game Jobs in a Studio: We give a break down of the various jobs you can expect to find behind a video game design company.


Video Game Art Careers: Are you artistic and creative? This career might be a good fit for you. We take a closer look.

Character Artists & Animators: A closer look at this exciting career.

Video Game Level Design: Read more about this exciting career where creativity and problem solving is essential.

Texture Artist / Texture Mapper: A closer look at this exciting career.

Video Game Tester Jobs: It might seem easy, but...

Artificial Intelligence Programming in Video Games: This is an essential part of a video game.

Sound / Audio Designers: This job really gives the game a special feel and mood. Read more.

Game Design Salary Information: Check out the the salary scales for the various positions in game development.

Video Game Programming Languages: We take a quick look at what is what..

The History of Video Games: A timeline.

Motion Capture Technology: We focus on this cutting edge tech.

The Video Game Industry: What does the video game industry have in store over the next handful of years?


Video Game Industry Articles


Video Game Conferences: We take a look at the major video game conferences and when they take place.

android games developmentCreating Video Games on a Limited Budget: Mobile Development: We take a look at mobile game development as a way to make games without huge budgets or resources.

How to Create Games On Android: We look at 3 programs that will send you well on your way to making your dream Android game.


Game Design Job Listings

Search the Job Boards: Search for video game related jobs from the top game studios and publishers. We've also selected some popular job searches below.

Jobs at Naughty Dog: We take a look at getting a job at Naughty Dog.

Jobs at Epic Games: Looking to work at Epic Games? Check this out.

Jobs at Bungie: Check out the job listings at this famous studio.

Jobs at Sucker Punch: This Infamous developer's job listings.

Game Design Resources

Video Game Design Books: We provide a selection of awesome video game design books worth checking out.

Video Game Programming Books: Take a look at some great video game programming books that deserve your attention..


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Become a Game Designer

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