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The Various Video Game Design Jobs in a Studio

If you are considering a video game career, you will be working in a team with people who have a whole series of varying expertise. Each video game job involves a different aspect of the video game, and it is necessary to coordinate these different aspects to create the whole game.

video game design jobs

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Concept / Storyboard Artists

These artists flesh out the game with sketches and paintings of characters, levels, vehicles, and other elements in a game. This will give an early feel for the game. Character artists as well as level designers much of the time fill this role.

Character Artists & Animators

Character Artists work with 3D programs such as Maya or 3DS Max to produce the characters and objects that make up the video games.

Level Designers

Level Designers are given sections or levels of the game, creating the environments that the player will interact in. They will have a huge impact on whether the game will have the look and feel of what the design team had envisioned.

Texture Artists

Texture artists give the skins to levels and characters. They have to make sure the textures are properly mapped onto the 3D objects and backgrounds in a convincing and seamless way.


Programmers work on the video game engine, AI, and anything pretty much that will make the game run. C++ is the programming language of choice for most game programming.

Sound / Audio

There will be people working on the sound effects of the game, as well as the music that often is playing in the background.

Professional Testers

These people put in long hours to find bugs and other potential problems. Many use this job opportunity to get into video game design at the studio.


The creative process for each game is usually a team effort, and the game itself is developed using design ideas from all the team members.

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