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Check out some 2016 programs offering video game design

video game design schools and college programsSome of the most cutting edge, exciting jobs out there belong to video game designers, programmers and artists that work along side them. But is it possible for a guy or gal like you to be one of those lucky people who actually makes it? With enough talent and training, you CAN. There has never been a better time to enter into this multi billion dollar industry.

But you'll need the right training to get started. Below are some video game design schools & colleges located in the US, Canada & Online that can get you started in this exciting career.

Don't let your parents nag you about your late night video game fix anymore. Request information from some of these options, find out if one of them might be a good fit, and get yourself educated.

Game Design School Listings

What should you be looking for in a program?

If you narrow down some schools, make sure to ask questions like employment rate after graduation, connections to the industry and more. Good training will have guest speakers directly from the game industry doing sessions at least from time to time. Not all schools are created equally, so make sure to get this information before you make any decisions. You need to know that when you graduate you will have the start you need to get into the video game industry and do well.

Programs in video game design need to focus on building your portfolio or demo reel, so it's a good idea to ask to see former students work to view some of the end results of the program. It's also fair game to ask where some of the students are working currently. If they can't provide this, it should bring up some red flags. A good school will often have a close relationship with some game studios. Some of these studios know that the grads from a praticular program produce what they are looking for in their next hire. This kind of connection is a good indicator of a strong program. It also means it might be easier initially to land a job in that particular studio.

In the end, there are a lot of potential training options for those interested in the development of video games. But it's really important to ask these schools and colleges questions about their programs. Get educated about what's out there, ask questions, and go from there. Don't just assume that all video game related degree programs are created equally. This is one of the biggest mistakes potential students make when choosing a school.


The Art Institutes (Hot!)
Location: Various Locations Across the US and Canada

Game Art & Design Program:

Bring a game designer's concept to life. You will create the characters and environments of the game. Learn modeling (creating a character or object), scene and set design, motion capture, animation, texture mapping, and more. Your reel will help get your foot in the doors of game developers.

Game Programming:

Game Programming students are those who want to be more than a gamer — they want to create the virtual worlds that attract the gamers. While pursuing a game programming degree, students learn coding, production, artistic concepts, and game play strategies. In this evolving industry, Game Programming students receive a hands-on introduction to programming, allowing them to collaborate on new ideas and techniques and speculate on those coming tomorrow.



Full Sail University Request Information
( Most Requested School )
Florida and Online

full sailBachelor of Game Design

If you've imagined concepts, characters, and stories that would translate into an impactful video game, Full Sail University's Game Design bachelor's program can teach you how to bring those ideas to life.

Bachelor of Game Development

Full Sail University's Game Development Bachelor's Degree Program teaches you about the game creation process from start to finish. Courses encompass preproduction and how to create game docs, programming and implementation, plus game play and level design.

Bachelor of Game Art

As gaming design technology evolves, Full Sail University's Game Art Bachelor's Degree Program teaches you to develop specialized, realistic elements for breathtaking game experiences. The program's coursework focuses on 3D art and content creation, with a heavy emphasis on character development, shading and lighting, texturing, and modeling – giving you a solid foundation in the art skills needed for game production.


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