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Video Game Tester Career Information / Quality Assurance Provider

Getting a video game tester job is not necessarily very easy. The prime qualifications for the job / career is the ability to be a qualified video games player, playing at every level, and using as many pathways in as many different combinations as possible.

video game testersA video game tester will have to be able to demonstrate their ability to play at high standards to provide as many opportunities as possible to unearth potential problems and bugs. Testers also should be able to use other software well, including Microsoft Office products and have some knowledge of Windows and other operating systems used in games. They have to be able to communicate well both verbally and in written form, being able to explain situations to the video game team. A video game tester will also have to be tenacious as they need to test a game long and hard. Expect long hours staring at the same level, trying to do different things. Testers have to be able to test unlikely combinations of pathways and actions.

video game testing degreesThere is considerable competition for every game tester job, as for some people playing video games is a major obsession. If you are interested in a video game tester job, be sure that you have the necessary communications skills and can organize yourself and be disciplined enough to test the games, rather than simply playing them.

Salaries for video game tester careers depend on experience and where you work. In the first few years, you can expect to get on average around $30,000, with an increase to $40,000+ with 4 years or so of experience under your belt. They won't just take anyone though, so don't think this is an easy walk in the park.

The best option for those wanting to get a video game tester job is going to a video game design related school and getting your feet wet there. A good program will have connections to the industry and prepare you for working with a game studio. Luckily getting information from these schools is free and easy.

We've compiled a list of video game degrees and the colleges that offer them. There is NO commitment, and you learn what options are out there for training.


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