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Graphic Design Schools & Programs:

Find Graphic Design Schools: We've partnered up with the best schools to bring you an easy way to learn more about their graphic design programs. Simply click on a school, and request free information!

Picking the Right Graphic Design Schools: What to look for in a graphic design program, and what to ask the schools to find the right fit. Too many prospective students don't ask the right questions. Find out what to look for and what to ask.

Graphic Design Career Articles:

graphic design informationBecome a Graphic Designer: Learn how to put your creativity and problem solving skills to use by becoming a graphic designer. See what it takes, what to consider, and where to go from there.

What is Graphic Design?: What exactly is this graphic design stuff any ways?

Salary Information: How much money can someone expect to make in a graphic design career?

The Job Interview: How to get your foot in the door instead of getting your butt kicked out the door in the all important graphic design job interview.

Resume Tips & Hints: We tell you what to do, and what not to do.

The Cover Letter: How to go about writing this important introduction to get your foot in the door.

The Graphic Design Portfolio: We look at a few different ways of presenting your work in the all important portfolio.

Full Sail UniversityFind Graphic Design Schools and Degrees: We take a look at some top notch graphic design programs and degrees.

Do I Need a Graphic Design Degree?: We look at the pros and cons of going to school to learn graphic design.

What to Take in High School: Get an early edge by taking these kinds of classes before you head off to college.

The Job Interview: We take a closer look at this often nerve wracking experience.

Freelance Graphic Design: What does it take to make it as a freelancer?

Starting a Graphic Design Business: What are some important things to consider when forming a graphic design business?

What is Computer Aided Design?: What exactly is CAD any ways?


Various Graphic Design Job Positions:

Graphic Design Jobs & Careers: See what kind of graphic design employment is out there, and how it can be categorized.

Layout Artist: Career information about this job working with various layouts for print or digital media.

Brand Identity Designer: Career information

Logo Designer: Goes hand in hand with brand identity designer.

Illustrator: Jobs for those with a talent with art media

Technical Illustrator: Career information

Photo Editing & Manipulation: Photoshop gurus 101

Multimedia Designer: Career information

Photographer: Do you have the photographer's eye?

Prepress Technician: Career information on this print related job

Web Designer: Are websites your thing?


Graphic Design 101 Articles:

Choosing a Display for Graphic Design: What to look for and consider when choosing a monitor or display for your graphic design setup.

What Makes a Great Logo? We look at effective logo design.

What is Typography? In this article, we look at what exactly typography is, and what to consider.

Graphic Design Elements: We look at some essential graphic design concepts.

Graphic Design Principles: Check out these design principles that are needed for effective graphic design.

Graphic Design Software. What is what?: We break down the major software packages, what they do, and when to use them.

Brain Storming Tips. Some Ideas on Getting Design Ideas: Do you sometimes get stumped, or run out of ideas? Maybe this article can help.


Graphic Design Resources

Free Fonts: We provide you with some fonts we think you might want to use in some of your design work and arrange them into font sets.

Free Photoshop Brushes: See why one of our Photoshop brush sets is one of the highest rated brush set on ;)

Free Stock Photography Downloads: We've put together a well rounded collection of FREE royalty free stock photography downloads for your graphic design needs. Images range from 1600x1200 to 3000x2000 pixels. Did we mention they are free? :)

Photoshop Tutorials: We hook you up with the best tutorial sites and resources on the Internet.

Illustrator Tutorials: We provide a nice selection of Adobe Illustrator tutorial and resource sites worth checking out.

Graphic Design Glossary: Wondering what an ascender is, or something else? Chances are, it's in our graphic design glossary.



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