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Helpful High School Courses for Graphic Design

If you have a strong sense of the esthetic – an eye for color and detail, a sense of balance and proportion, and an appreciation for beauty, then you might consider pursuing a degree in Graphic Design. But how do you go about preparing yourself for such a career if you are currently only in high school?

Understanding Graphic Design Tasks

Before you can select specific high school art classes, you first must understand what a career in graphic design entails. In its broad sense, graphic designers plan, analyze, and create visual solutions to communications problems. You will use a variety of print, electronic and film media and technologies to execute a design that meets clients’ communication needs. This may entail developing promotional displays, marketing brochures, logos, signage systems, and Websites.

Helpful High School Design Courses

To prepare yourself in the best way possible, you should start taking various art and design classes while attending high school. Additionally, you should take courses that will prepare you for college as well. In terms of high school courses that will prepare you for the specific occupation of Graphic Design, the following list represents an excellent start.



Word processing
Business management


Computer Science:

Computer graphics
CAD Design and Software



Creative writing
Public speaking


Fine & Performing Arts:

Art History
Drawing, painting, sketching
Art portfolio
Graphic arts and printing
Graphic design (No kidding)


While not all of these courses may be offered at your high school, many are offered at local colleges and technical schools. Remember that any additional technical and work experience you can obtain while in high school will greatly help to prepare you for your career in graphic design.

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