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Illustrators conceptualize and create illustrations that represent an idea or a story through two-dimensional or three-dimensional images. Illustrators may do drawings for printed materials such as books, magazines, and other publications, or for commercial products such as textiles, packaging, wrapping paper, greeting cards, calendars, stationary, and more.

Illustrators use many different mediums, from pencil and paint, to digital formatting, to prepare and create their illustrations. As an illustrator, you will consult with clients in order to best determine what illustrations will best meet the story they are trying to tell, or what message they are trying to communicate.

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Most illustrators have a degree in illustration, or in a related field such as art, design, graphic design, or animation. Through training in one of these programs you will learn the basics of the illustration process, as well as techniques in gesture drawing, and perspective basics. Through your training you will also be able to develop a portfolio of your completed illustrations, which will help you when looking for jobs in illustration.

Job Opportunities

There are many opportunities for jobs in illustration. As an illustrator, you may find employment with magazines, periodicals, book and software publishers, manufacturers, or working with various types of electronic media. There are also opportunities in the motion picture and video industries, and computer game design industry as well. Or you may decide to be a self-employed, freelance illustrator, and do work in several of these industries on a contract basis.

The average earnings for salaried illustrators are around $30,000 to $50,000. Earnings for self-employed illustrators vary. Some charge only a nominal fee while they build a reputation for their work while other more established illustrators could earn more than salaried artists.


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