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The graphic designers of today has many tools at their disposal. There have never been better graphic design software options for designers. We'll look at each program, and what they do. If you notice a lot of Adobe software, you're not seeing things. Adobe has cornered much of the graphic design market with their range of software solutions.

Adobe Photoshop

This is THE photo editing standard in the graphics world, and used by most serious graphic designers, photographers, and image manipulators. Photoshop users can create an image from scratch or edit and existing file. Photoshop uses advanced features like layers, a history brush, comprehensive editing manipulation, color correction, and more. This is graphic design software that most graphic designers will not do without.

Types of Output: Photographs, Manipulated objects, Web Graphics, Texture editing...

Adobe Illustrator

Put out by Adobe, Illustrator is very much the same as Freehand. It works with vector graphics for the most part. It's known for it's strong compatibility of other Adobe products, so Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Acrobat work very well together.

Types of Output: Line Art, Logos, Cartoons, Anything with smooth edges and shapes...

Adobe InDesign

This as well is a layout program, but put out by Adobe. So again, it works well with other Adobe products. This Adobe graphic design software suite (with Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat) is called Adobe Creative Suite.

Types of Output: Books, Magazines, Brochures, CD Covers, Manuals, Menus...

Adobe Flash

This is was the standard for web media on the internet. Adobe Flash users create banners, online interfaces, online games, as well as use this software to display video. Much of the content created in this application are being replaced by the HTML 5 standard.

Types of Output: Animated websites, online interfaces, Flash games, online video

Quark Xpress

This is a layout program for printed media. Can create any layout from a brochure to an entire book. Is used to define page size, margins, typeface, text flow, page numbering, and so on.

Types of Output:
Books, Magazines, Brochures, CD Covers, Manuals, Menus...

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