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What Makes a Great Logo?

When it comes to first impressions in the marketing world nothing is more important than logo design. Logos become synonymous with a company’s image and its impact, whether it be hip, interesting or boring, is extremely important. A great logo has several key components that make it work.

Logo Functionality and Representation

great logoAny successful logo design must be functional and practical. Complicated logos often leave potential customers confused, wondering what is being presented or sold. A good logo designer will carefully craft a logo that is clear and straightforward.

Logo designers must also take into account the company’s product or service and create a logo design that represents the company’s image attractively and effectively. The image of a computer monitor would only be misleading and futile for a window installer. A good design gets the company’s message across quickly and accurately.

Two marks of a great logo: Distinctiveness and Image

Because there are so many logos it’s easy to confuse and forget individual ones. However, a great logo is designed to be distinctive and one-of-a-kind ensuring that it does not blend in with the rest. Unoriginal or trendy logos are rarely successful and can lead to lower sales.

A company’s image depends enormously on its logo. The logo designer is responsible for creating a design that gives the company a favorable and desirable appearance. A poor logo can damage or even ruin a company’s image.

A great logo merges art, science and psychology to create a simple, unique and representative design that is instantly recognized and can boost company sales or services.

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