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Video Game Art Degrees

Video game art is at the heart of video game design, and is quite rewarding when you are a part of the process. Working with the visual elements of a game, a good video game art degree will give you the expertise to specialize in level design, character design, environmental art, UV mapping and texturing, lighting, animation and rigging, as well as concept art. All are vital to the core visual elements of the game, and all usually are covered in a game art focused program.

Some Examples of Game Art Degrees

We've listed a few schools here that specifically offer a Game Art degree that we think you might be interested in. Requesting information is 100% free with no obligation what-so-ever, so you have nothing to lose and can learn a few things about what is out there. If we had to pick one, Full Sail University would be a great school to request information from, but requesting information from all of them would give you a better picture of your options. Not all schools are created equally, so make sure to ask some important questions if you ever narrow down your selections. What is the employement rate after graduation? What connections does the school have with the industry? These are important questions to ask to make sure you are picking a great school.

Full Sail University (Our Top Pick)
Location: Orlando, Florida and Online

full sail

Bachelor of Game Art

As gaming design technology evolves, Full Sail University's Game Art Bachelor's Degree Program teaches you to develop specialized, realistic elements for breathtaking game experiences. The program's coursework focuses on 3D art and content creation, with a heavy emphasis on character development, shading and lighting, texturing, and modeling – giving you a solid foundation in the art skills needed for game production.



The Art Institutes (Hot!)
Location: Various Locations Across the US and Canada

Game Art & Design Program:

Bring a game designer's concept to life. You will create the characters and environments of the game. Learn modeling (creating a character or object), scene and set design, motion capture, animation, texture mapping, and more. Your reel will help get your foot in the doors of game developers.

Video game artists will need to work well together as a unit to make sure the vision of the game is met. So in other words, you will need to work well with others and communicate clearly to keep the development moving smoothly. Don't worry though. No speeches or big public speaking is required. Just make sure you let everyone know what they need to know in a timely manner.

Due to the wider spectrum of expertise that fill the "video game art" position, there is usually not one ideal candidate for all positions. While you will need to be a good at sketching for say concept art, a texture artist might not have the same talent in the area of drawing and yet excel in creating killer texture work for the game. So a video game art degree isn't just for those with crazy talent in one area. Don't just assume that because you can't draw as well as others that you can't do well as a video game artist. There are positions for a variety of game art related focuses.

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Video Game Art Degrees

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