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3D Artist Degrees

The role of the 3D artist in both the video game and animation industry is a vital one. 3D artists are responsible for creating 3D assets to be used in 3d environments as well as integrated into real video footage, depending on the target output. 3D art design can include vehicles, characters, environments, water, 3D text, weapons, vegetation, and more. These kinds of jobs often include texture work / shaders to skin the 3d models, as well as creating the mesh to animate cleanly realistically. You also might be expected to animate the 3d model as well, but that also might be handed off to other team members depending on the size of the studio you are working for. Most 3D related training will include the animation aspect as well, so your bases are covered.

Some Examples of 3D Artist Degrees

We've put together a few sponsored school listings that offer 3d artist related degrees. Requesting information is completely free with no obligation, and gives you a much better idea of what is out there. If you ever do narrow down a few related degrees, always make sure to ask some important questions to make sure the school you are considering is going to land you a good related job. Ask about the employment rate after graduation, if the school is connected to the industry in some way, and any other questions you need answered to feel comfortable about your decision.

Full Sail University (Our Top Pick)
Location: Orlando, Florida and Online

full sail

Bachelor's Degree in Game Art

Subjects include Character Design and Creation, Texture Painting and Sculpting, Level Assembly, Character Animation and more.

Bachelor's Degree in Computer Animation

Subjects include 3D Foundations, Character Design and Creation, Character Animation, Character Rigging, Production Modeling and more.




The Art Institutes (Hot!)
Location: Various Locations Across the US and Canada

Game Art & Design Bachelor of Arts

Media Arts & Animation Bachelor of Arts

Visual Effects and Motion Graphics Bachelor of Arts


3D Artists need the ability to work well in a team to make sure that the whole process of the project is completed smoothly. Clear communication, good organization, and time management skills are an asset. While you don't need great public speaking skills, clearly alerting team members the status of your work or being able to address questions or issues with your designs will be common. You should also expect tight deadlines, longer hours, and a need to stay focused.

Many people ask if they need to be great at sketching / drawing to do well as a 3d artist. While it can be a big asset in fleshing out ideas quickly and efficiently, there often is a concept artist in your team that will have this part of the design process covered. There also can be a narrower focus given to a 3d artists tasks. This for example can include focusing mostly on texture art, vehicle design, character design, animation rigging, and so on. This often depends on the size of the studio. If you are a part of a huge team chances are you will have a more specific job description. If you are a part of say an Indie development team, you might be modeling, doing the texture work, rigging and animating.

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3D Artist Degrees

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