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Digital Photography vs Film


During the last ten years, digital photography has made a big impact in both professional and amateur photography. There are advantages to both film photography and to the new digital photography and often professional photographers will choose to use one for specific purposes.

Traditional Photography

Traditional film photography allows photographers to use the precision of film for a sharp image, and to use the developing process to produce a final image that can be changed by length of exposure, and the mix of chemicals. It is difficult to change the details of an image captured on film, so this tends to be a provably accurate record of happenings.

Digital Photography

Digital photography , on the other hand, produces an image that can be manipulated endlessly. Items can be added or subtracted, appearances can be changed and color transposed. The image, conversely, is instantly visible, so that decisions for further images can be made. Digital photographs can also be incorporated with other images simply and easily. Digital photography can also become part of the printing process of books and newspapers, as both the written word and the images are recorded on the same medium - the computer.

Photographers use this choice of technologies in order to be able to produce a better end product, and it is unlikely that either one of them will disappear entirely.

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