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A Simple Multimedia Definition

Multimedia Design is a way of communicating a concept or information via a website, CD-ROM, kiosk, usually in an interactive form. Television uses multimedia specialists in the non interactive form. Many different varieties of media and techniques are used in production. As a multimedia professional you will be skilled in manipulating images and information from a variety of sources including audio, video, still images, animation, physical objects, text, soundtracks and digital data using computer applications and related visual and sound techniques. Let's take a closer look and compare the interactive vs the non interactive multimedia designer...

a) Interactive Multimedia Design:

This includes work on kiosks, interactive DVDs, Blu-ray Apps, and Web Design. Audio, Video, Animation, Photos and more can be elements in the overall design of the output. But it is the Graphical User Interface (GUI)that sets Interactive design apart from Audio Visual Design. There has to be some sort of navigation involved that gives the user the choice of which content they choose to access, and when. So as an Interactive Multimedia Specialist, it will be your job to make sure that all media elements tie in together effectively, AND the user can easily navigate to find the information that they seek through the Graphical User Interface.

b) Non Interactive:

This kind of work can be seen on non interactive output such as TV & the Internet. Commercials, websites using Flash or HTML5, and movies are all examples of work that an Audio Visual Specialist might have his or her hands in.

Multimedia designers will often work with programs such as Adobe Premiere, Macromedia Director, Adobe Photoshop, and sometimes Microsoft PowerPoint for business presentations. On the Internet, it has become popular to use Macromedia Flash to present a multimedia experience in a quick downloading format.

What Kinds of Jobs are Available to Me With a Multimedia Design Degree?

As a successful graduate of a good multimedia program, you can apply for positions such as scriptwriter for multimedia, web designer, multimedia producer, computer-based training designer, web script language developer, and more. There are many entry-level career opportunities with corporations, organizations, educational institutions, government agencies, entertainment, and advertising industries. The types of industry sector offering work are broadening for two reasons: the cost of multimedia software and hardware is falling and multimedia communications using the web are becoming mainstream. The uses of multimedia are becoming more diverse from games and entertainment to advertising, and training. The latest application is in the mobile sector with the iPad, iPhone, Android devices taking hold.

What Do I Need to Become a Multimedia Designer?

Your work will need to be accurate in fine detail; there is very little room for error. You will also need to be able to see 'the big picture' and have a feel for how a finished piece of work will appear and be used. You will need to be highly creative and a good communicator in order to express your ideas verbally and visually. You must be capable of working on your own as well as in a team. Many jobs require that you work to a deadline which may very well involve working late or at weekends occasionally in order to finish a piece on time. You need to demonstrate your understanding of the Arts, so a qualification in art or graphic design or similar would be useful. There is a plethora of software tools, which are available to a Multimedia Designer. Whilst you do not need to be fully conversant in all of them before the course, it would be a good idea to have at least a little training in some of them. Students who lack a sense of the aesthetic or who are not computer literate will struggle.

The Art Institute of Pittsburgh - Online Division offers very strong programs in Graphic Design, Video Game Development, Multimedia & more. The great thing is that you can get a degree from home through the Internet. This is the way a lot of people are doing things these days.

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