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The Portrait Studio

Working in a portrait studio can be fun and very satisfying; you will work with a whole variety of different clients who have many different requirements of you as a photographer. In order to help you in the photography studio, there are other people who will work with you to undertake different roles. These will include:-

portrait studio photographerReceptionist - to greet clients and make them feel at ease - many people feel self-conscious when they are going to have their photograph taken, and it is necessary to make them feel at ease. A good receptionist will help to make this a pleasurable visit. The receptionist will probably deal with the administration of the portrait studio as well, taking telephone calls and dealing with payment issues.

Assistant Photographer , who will work with the photographer to make sure that the composition is correct in all details, and to manage the lighting of the portrait.

Developer/Finisher - in some photography studios, photographs are developed in house. The developer will be skilled in this process, making sure that development techniques enhance the portrait. With the advent of digital photography, this part of the process has increased value, and the developer is replaced by a skilled computer technician who can use digital enhancement techniques.

The Photographer , who takes the portrait and manages the whole procedure.



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