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Sports Photography. Is it for You?

If you are a creative, adventurous, and outgoing person who thrives on challenges and likes to travel, then a career in sports photography could be the career for you. A sports photographer has many opportunities to attend major sporting events and work on the front line of exciting breaking news throughout the world.

As a sports photographer you can work as a freelance photographer selling your photographs to various newspapers and magazines. Perhaps the best known sports photographers are the members of the Sports Illustrated Magazine photography team. Sports Illustrated features some of the most inspiring and compelling sports photography in the world.

Other sports photographers work for sporting institutions. (for instance for football teams or for the league organizations who stage events) These sports photographers concentrate on the corporate style of photography, using images to promote a certain sport or team within a sport. In this case, the work is more to do with public relations than with journalism.

As a sports photographer you will find that each sport presents different challenges as you aim to capture the anticipation, action, excitement, involvement and drama of the sport on film. Sports photography is a field in which the ability to make a split second decision is very important. That one moment could lead to your work being featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated or another premier sports magazine.

As a sports photographer you need to be ever vigilant, because you don't get a second chance to capture that great sporting feat or moment.





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