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Looking for some website design inspiration? Cool Homepages have been around for quite some time, and have built up a great reputation of showing off great sites. Get ideas and critique sites at this venerable site. Good stuff. "Coolhomepages"
A great site with the latest news, reviews, downloads, links, and a lot more. Has sections on print, color, general graphics, and more. Good stuff. "Creative Pro"
A great place to look for newer graphic designers who need to pick up some graphic design terms. Take a peek. "Design Glossary"
Make sure to check out this great all-around graphic design related site. Includes good tutorials, news, and "The tip of the day" Good layout as well, and worth a look. "Designs by Mark"
Check out this great site that has design news, reviews, articles, other resources, and more. Excellent. "Design Research"
Take a look at this sharp looking E-Zine on graphic design. Has good hints, tips, and articles. I like it. Good stuff. "Eclipse E-Zine"
A great site featuring a graphic design glossary. Excellent resource. "Grantastic Designs"
Bookmark this page. It has fresh ideas for graphic designers, and is presented quite well. Good stuff. "Ideabook"
Check out The Internet Eye Magazine (Tiem Design) for the latest news, reviews, articles, tutorials, and a whole lot more. Highly recommended! "The Internet Eye"
Take a look at the great graphic design resource site that features a load of great content including cd roms, books, and more. Excellent! ""
Another good site with a lot of good information, design resources, and articles from the Publish magazine. Very nice. "Publish RGB"
Check out this site that has various tutorials including ones for Canvas, Illustrator, as well as others related to graphic design. Good stuff. "Sketchpad"
This site has quite a bit of info on graphic design. Has an online magazine as well as other good sections. Check this one out. "The Design &
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