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The technology aspects of a graphic designer has changed quite a bit in the last 10 years. Therefore the requirements and expectations have changed as well. This applies to your portfolio. The Internet has flooded into our homes, into business, on our phones and tablets, and anywhere else one cares to look.

It is essential in this day and age to have an online portfolio. So what will you need? Website space is a good start if you plan on presenting it on your own site. You can get free space at places like Yahoo, but then you have to display banners which will with out a doubt interfere with the design and flow of your site. Paying for a hosting service gives you a clean slate to work with with no banner ads. Hosting your portfolio on your own site will show that you are taking things seriously and that you have the technical know-how involved in setting things up.

It's also a very good idea to obtain your own domain name like Once you have this domain name, you can use it also for e-mail. So once you own your own domain, you can create an e-mail address like Add your new custom e-mail address and website address to your business cards, letterheads, resumes, portfolios, and anywhere else you can. You now have a VERY easy way of people reaching you.

The Design....

The layout and design of your website portfolio should be easy to navigate, and once again show off your samples. Having too distracting of a website can take away from your work. Make sure there is strong, clear navigation on EVERY page so that the viewer knows where they are, where they can go, and how to get back to where they were.

A technique that most portfolios employ is the use of thumbnails for your samples. These are small versions of your samples that can give the viewer a preview of what they are about to click on. This gives the viewer the feeling that they are in control, rather than you dictating what order they are to view things. I know that some will want to dictate this order, but it seems to bother those employers that are short on time, and want to see the samples that THEY want to see. There are many employers that will want this freedom, so I'd stick to it. As for the actual samples, they should be no smaller than 300 pixels wide, and no bigger than 800 pixels wide. Many tend to stick around the 600 pixels wide range. Keep the image samples themselves to 150kb or less. Remember that not everyone has high speed Internet, and making people wait is a sure way to frustrate the viewer.

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