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3) The DVD Graphic Design Portfolio...

A great cheap way of showing off what you can do is by sending out a graphic design portfolio DVD. What do you put on the DVD? The easiest thing to do is to simply slap your website on so they don't have to be connected to the Internet. Just make sure that it is obvious how they open the starting index page. Call the starting index page something that will be obvious like portfolio.htm or something along those lines. Also keep the rest of the files and html pages in subfolders so the only html file they see when they open the DVD will be the one they need to click on.

Stick to the same rules mentioned in the online portfolio. Keep in mind though that there is no longer an issue with Internet speeds to view your stuff because they are just opening your portfolio up, so your image file sizes can be a bit larger. DVDs are more ideal for big files like animations and video due to the storage capacity.

Make the look of the DVD a lot nicer by buying a CD/DVD labeling kit that allows you to print up nice labels and inserts for jewel cases. Of course to create your own DVDs, you will also need access to a burner. These are cheap these days, and many people have them.

Create All Three.....

If you can, you really should be covering all of your bases and creating all 3 types of portfolios. The print one is good for sitting down in a relaxed environment and talking about each sample. This is the kind you will most likely be showing at the interview (unless of course you are a web designer or work with multimedia.) The online version or DVD is often the one where the employer or client will view at their own leisure Often the employer will let people know the kind of samples they expect to see.

Having these three graphic design portfolio options in hand will enable you to take these challenges head on. So go to it. : )

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