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previewHow to Become a Video Game Designer: We look at this hot career, and what it takes to get started in the industry.

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Video Game Design Schools (Hot!!)

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gamingGame Design Salary Information: Check out the the salary scales you can expect in game development.

Video Game Design Jobs: We give a breakdown of who does what when designing a video game and what is expected.

Become a Video Game Script Writer: We look at how to get into this creative writing career and what to expect.

Video Game Testers: We look at this position that can get your foot in the door at a video game studio.

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Video Game Design Books: We provide a selection of awesome video game design books worth checking out.

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Video Game Software: Do you want to try and create a game yourself? Check out some software possibilities that can get you started.

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become a graphic designerBecoming a Graphic Designer: Learn how to put your creativity and problem solving skills to good use in the field of graphic design.

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Graphic Design Schools

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what to look forWhat to Look for in a Good Graphic Design Program: What to keep in mind when seeking out a program.

What is Graphic Design? What exactly is this graphic design stuff any ways? What does this field of study involve?

Graphic Design Jobs & Careers: See what kind of graphic design employment is out there, and how it can be categorized.

The Dreaded Interview: What to do as well as what not to do in the graphic design interview.

Salary Information: How much money can I expect to make as a graphic designer?

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Graphic Design Glossary

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animation careerAnimation Career Information: We check out how to become an animator as well as other career information.

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Computer Animation Schools

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emptyComputer Animation Studios: We give a breakdown of some of the top studios in the business.

Top Free 3D Software: What can be better than free? We check out some great free 3D programs you need to check out.

3D Animation Software: We take a closer look at several packages that are used in the 3D animation industry.

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Jobs at Pixar Animation Studios: Check out the job listings at this amazing 3D computer animation movie studio.

Jobs at DreamWorks Animation: Find opportunities to join the fold at DreamWorks.

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3D Modeling Books: Take a look at a strong selection of books focused on the 3D modeling process.


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